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New Targets & Assignments App Version

February 23, 2019
by jos

We have completely redesigned the "Targets & Assignments" virtual classroom app over the past few days, which now features a user interface similar to our popular "Learning Plans" app.

The app now supports the same status progress logic that you'll also find on learning plans, and the student view has been adapted accordingly. Status changes can be quickly made for all assignment tickets at once, and the status feature is also directly linked to the common progress logic.

The file manager has been improved and it now also supports adding app exercises, which currently works with apps supporting the app framework 2.0.

The ticket view is now also a bit smaller so that it will fit easier on smaller screens.

We hope you like the new version. Please note that we will continue improving this app within the next few months, and feedback is always welcome.

Your Morzino team.

Add Update - Arithmetic

February 16, 2019
by jos

The Arithmetic app has been completely rewritten, based on our new App Framework 2.0.

There are many improvements over the previous version, the most important ones being:

- Supports both "a + b = ?" and "a + ? = c" modes.

- Support for parantheses.

- Support for negative numbers.

- You may indicate digits directly.

- You may freely chose the number of questions.

- You may answer all questions on one single page, or answer one question after another.

- Exercise configurantions can be saved and restored.

- Printing supports both A4 (Europe) and Letter (US) formats.

We hope that everything will work as expected, don't hesitate to contact us in case of problems or if you have questions or suggestions!

Hope you like the new app.

Your Morzino Team

Improved microblog, gallery, and web publisher

January 20, 2019
by jos

The user microblog has been greatly improved, with updated writing / composing, sharing and liking features. Uploading images has also become easier, using our new file pipeline technology that shall become available in all areas of the platform soon.

Our new gallery tool is much faster than the previous version, at the same time it gets rid of a number of limitations. The new gallery is instantly available in all areas, including the microblog, virtual classroom blogs, websites and web projects.

The Website Manager's "add paragraph" feature has been improved, the UI is easier to understand and it now allows to instantly add most widget types (which required 2 steps before).

We hope you like the new features, don't hesitate to send feedback!

Your Morzino Team

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 23, 2018
by jos

Happy holidays and a happy New Year to you and to your families, your students, teachers, and everyone else.

See you soon, in 2019!

Your Morzino team

New App - Math Rods

November 15, 2018
by jos

We have just released a new app targeted at beginners, allowing to practice additions and subtractions with visual support.

The app offers both an online practicing and worksheet printing features.

It is the first app based on our new app framework 2.0, which now also allows to save and to restore app settings. Saved settings may become visible in your personal account as well as in your virtual classrooms, and teachers may now set up app configurations for their students.

We hope you like the new app!

Have fun

Your Morzino team

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