Morzino BETA now online

Morzino BETA now online
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LUXEMBURG – April 1, 2016 – Today marks the beginning of the international BETA phase of the Morzino platform, which has already been highly successful in Luxembourg, Europe, during the past few years.

Morzino is a learning and teaching platform for students, parents and teachers, offering a number of useful apps, including:

     • e-Learning web apps that allow to generated individualised online exercises or worksheets (including correction sheets).
     • The “Virtual Classroom”, a suite of tools allowing students and teachers to manage their documents and assignments.
     • Wiki-based publishing tools that can be used to create and manage online projects.
     • The “School Web Manager”, which allows to build and manage entire school or classroom websites.
     • A powerful integrated library management system.

Morzino had originally been launched in 2011 as a BETA in Luxembourg, Europe, where the platform is called “”. The final local version went online in November 2013, and it rapidly became the country’s most popular educational platform.

Morzino BETA now online
PDF, 227 kb

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