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We would like to develop the world's greatest tools for individualized and differentiated learning and instruction, and make them available for free.
Learn autonomously.
Improve your skills.
Create customizable online exercises and worksheets.
Collaborate, publish your work and share your knowledge.
Help your kids to learn, to practice and to improve their skills.
Create customizable online exercises and worksheets.
Track progresses.
Monitor your children's accounts.
Create and share assignments and exercises, monitor and track progresses.
Manage assignments, exercises, work plans, courses, schedules, texts and projects.
Publish a classroom blog, create a school website.

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Vision & Philosophy

Morzino provides tools and resources for the future world of learning and teaching.
Autonomous learning, differentiated teaching and building knowledge become easier then ever before.
Free e-learning web apps

Learn & Teach

Create customized online exercises and worksheets.
  • Learn & practice on your own
  • Languages, math, science & knowledge
  • It's fun!
Virtual classroom

Design, Organise & Manage

Turn your classroom into a digital workspace.
  • Define learning targets
  • Set up individualised work plans
  • Keep track of student progress
  • Manage documents & texts
  • Evaluate & manage portfolios
Create your own content!

Create & Publish

Build your own online projects, courses and web apps.
  • Create your own homepage
  • Write courses
  • Publish projects
  • Build a school or classroom website
  • Develop your own e-learning apps
  • All wiki-based & easy to use
Worksheets created & Online exercises completed
Assignments on 5,900+ work plans
Texts, images & documents in Virtual Classrooms
Notes and assignments in Virtual Classroom registers
Virtual classrooms (LMS) with 30,000+ students and teachers
Active visitors per month, 890+ logins during the past few days
Messages between students & teachers
Friendships between students & teachers
Pages on school websites & in online projects
Blog posts in Virtual Classrooms and on school websites
Records in our language databases, including 2,800+ freely usable photos & images
For students

For students

Practice & learn using our large collection of e-learning tools.
Communicate, create & publish projects, share your knowledge.
For parents

For parents

Create worksheets for your kids, allow them to learn online.
Mathematics, languages, science, history, geography, chemistry & more...
For teachers

For teachers

Create work plans and worksheets, allow students to learn individually.
Manage plans, texts and documents within a virtual classroom.


We live in times of rapid social changes.
Be ahead of the global evolution by exploring new ways of learning and teaching; thus taking education and knowledge exploration to new levels.
We're made to learn, it's in our DNA.
Learning is part of our personal evolution.
It's for everyone and it's a lifelong process.
In our modern world you can't afford to stop learning.
Everyone has some knowledge that's worth sharing.
Learning and teaching are interconnected dynamic processes.
Building knowledge can be a social effort.
Students are often the best teachers.
Learning is no longer limted to educational environments.
The internet and mobile devices make global knowledge available everywhere and anytime.
Both media and the real world offer more information than we could ever digest.
Stay active and never stop learning.
DIY - Do It Yourself.
We believe in three basic approaches:
• Imitation - learn by watching and listening.
• Building knowledge - design and contruct your own concepts, find your own solutions, do it your way.
• Practicing - exercise and memorise.
The correct combination of those three will lead to great progress.
Knowledge is omnipresent and overly important.
It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.
Knowledge is power.
The strength of human knowledge is that it's a social phenomenon.
Sharing knowledge and information will allow everyone to make greater progress.
Learn from each other and build upon existing knowledge.
Learn autonomously.
Learn everywhere.
Customise your learning experience.
Publish your own work.
Share your knowledge.
Help your children to learn and to improve.
Offer them a safe and inspiring learning environment.
Morzino is free for everyone, making it a socially fair platform that's useful to the entire society.
Create individualised learning plans.
Optimise, track and improve learning processes.
Allow students to focus on their needs, to build their own knowledge as well as to create and publish their own work.
Save effort and time.
Morzino is for the open minded.
We think learning is so important that you should take it in your own hands.
Start now. There are no limits.
Morzino is a project by Joopita Research
e-Learning Tools

e-Learning Tools

Practice & learn using our large collection of great free e-learning tools.
Mathematics, languages, science, history, geography, chemistry & more...
Online Exercises

Online Exercises

Practice online, with instant feedback. Maths, verbs, vocabulary and much more.
Customize your exercises and adapt them to your own needs.
Customizable worksheets

Customizable worksheets

Print customized worksheets including correction sheets!
Customize your worksheets and adapt them to your own needs.
Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Learning Management System (LMS) - Assignments, tracking, projects, texts, documents, and more.
Build websites, add blogs, manage your photos and publish student works.
Your school website

Your school website

Build your own school website with news, blogs, photo galleries & interactive student workspaces.
Easy to use - your new school website will be online within only a few minutes!
Library & books

Library & books

Manage all kinds of books - in your school library or in your classroom, or anywhere else.
Finally a professional tool that's easy to use and completely FREE!
Create, publish, share

Create, publish, share

Create and publish your own texts, web pages, e-books, online courses or tutorials.
Our online editing tools are powerful, fast and easy to use.
Get connected

Get connected

Connect to your friends, classmates, teachers or students. Learn, teach and share your knowledge.
Become part of the greetest e-learning community on the web.
Child protection

Child protection

This website shall be a clean and safe place for all users - including young people.
We're very serious about privacy, security and child protection.
Your own web apps

Your own web apps

Create and publish your own web apps on Morzino. No coding required. And it's FREE.
Geeks & nerds may also develop apps using HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
It's free!

It's free!

We would like to provide the best and coolest tools for education, 100% FREE.
We're a non-profit organization, make a donation if you like Morzino - thanks!